Collaboration will enable Haven's customers to get paid for changing their energy usage

Business supplier Haven Power has joined forces demand-side response (DSR) aggregator Kiwi Power to enable its customers to earn money by altering their energy usage.  

Kiwi has been appointed as the company’s DSR provider following “a rigorous selection process”, the supplier announced.

“Our customers will now have the opportunity to financially benefit from changing how they use energy, simply and seamlessly,” said Haven’s chief operating officer Neil Isaacson.

“KiWi Power’s technology is best in class and drives innovation. Together we will generate real, additional value for Haven customers and help them to operate more sustainably.”

Kiwi Power chief executive Yoav Zhinger said: “Haven Power’s innovative approach to energy has ensured that they are one of the key players in the [industrial and commercial] supply space.”

 “We will help ensure that Haven’s customers not only receive a great deal through their supply contract, but also contribute to a greener, smarter and more resilient energy future for the UK”, he added.

Haven Power supplies businesses with electricity generated at the North Yorkshire coal and biomass plant owned by its parent company Drax Group.

In February, Drax completed its acquisition of another business supplier, Opus Energy, for £340 million.

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