Former energy minister Charles Hendry has completed his independent review into the feasibility of tidal lagoons in the UK.

Announced by the government in February, the review has examined whether tidal lagoons can play a cost-effective role in Britain’s energy mix. 

“In the course of the review I visited Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Liverpool, Bristol and Sheffield,” said Hendry. “This enabled me to speak directly to people who would be involved in, or affected by proposals for tidal lagoons.

“I had active and expert engagement from across industry and in particular from the team at Tidal Lagoon Power; and I received almost 200 responses to my call for evidence. I have taken account of all of this information in coming to my conclusions.

“I am aware of the high expectations created by potential tidal lagoons, particularly in Swansea. Nevertheless, government must have some time to fully consider my recommendations and to decide how to respond.”

As well as looking at the viability of tidal lagoons, the review examined supply chain opportunities, potential financing structures and whether a first of a kind project could be delivered through a competitive process.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy confirmed that it received the report from Hendry yesterday (6 December). A spokesman for the Department said it will now consider the findings of the review of before giving its response in “due course”. He would not confirm when the review itself will be published.

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