Auto-switching service Labrador will provide 10,000 homes with its Labrador Retriever switching device as part of a new partnership with tenant referencing company FCC Paragon.

The duo aims to tackle direct supplier deals which expose tenants in a “saturated rental market” to inflated prices. The companies say they hope the move will enable households to save money on their energy “hassle free”.

Jane Lucy, founder and chief executive of Labrador, said: “It has been far too long that either tenants mistakenly think they don’t have the right to switch or that the property is signed up to an expensive tariff that has been selected more for the affiliate revenue than the customer pricing.

“We’re pleased to be part of a solution to end both of those, unlocking fair and transparent pricing for all.”

Bryn Cole, managing director of FCC Paragon, said: “FCC Paragon is proud to be partnering with Labrador ensuring our estate and letting agents, landlords and tenants have access to the best automatic energy switching service in the UK.

“By partnering with Labrador we ensure that the tenants will always be on the best available energy tariffs, completely hassle free to them.”

FCC Paragon, which provides tenant referencing and associated services to letting agents and landlords across the country, has a “vast network” of real estate.