Metering programme helps Southern Water crack down on leakage

Southern Water has detected more than 2,600 suspected leaks through alarms fitted to meters it is rolling out across its area, it said today.

The company estimated around one in five leaks occur on customers’ pipes and said the leak alarms fitted on meters would make them easier to detect.

Householders are responsible for leaks on their property but Southern Water will fix up to three leaks free of charge.

Darren Bentham, director of market reform at Southern Water, said: “We have installed more than 200,000 new water meters under our metering programme so far, with over 2,600 alarms triggered by suspected leaks, which have then been investigated and resolved by our dedicated Leakage Team. It can vary from a leak on a supply pipe, to a dripping tap in a customer’s kitchen. Fixing a dripping tap can save up 5,000 litres of water a year.”

The company is in the middle of a programme to install 500,000 automated meter reading (AMR) meters by 2015.

The leak alarms are projected to lead to savings of up to 5 megalitres of water a day when the programme is completed.