More than a million switches over the summer

More than a million customers switched their electricity supplier between June and August, new figures from Energy UK have revealed.

The industry body said the numbers were up by 27 per cent on last summer. Roughly 342,000 switched in August – a year-on-year increase of a fifth.

“Summer months are usually when we see a dip in switching activity, but it’s fantastic to see our messaging is getting through to people”, said chief executive Lawrence Slade.

“Industry has also launched the energy switch guarantee this summer – covering around 70 per cent of the market – including its latest signatory Bulb Energy. Customers should now feel more confident to switch in a simple, reliable and hassle-free way,” he added.

Around 140,000 customers moved between one large supplier and another in August, making up 41 per cent of the total. There were approximately 120,000 switches between larger suppliers and smaller and medium-sized firms, and roughly 42,000 made the move the other way.  

Earlier this week independent supplier Good Energy reported a sharp rise in profits in the first half of the year as it continued to gain customers.