A new report has revealed concerns Brexit has made the political landscape in relation to the energy sector “worrisome” – namely how the fallout from the UK’s departure from the European Union could adversely impact the supply of talent.

Airswift and Energy Jobline surveyed more than 17,000 energy professionals and hiring managers in 162 countries across five industry sub-sectors – oil and gas, renewables, power, nuclear and petrochemicals – for the third annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI).

The report emphasises the extent to which the UK nuclear industry is dependent on EU workers.

Hannah Peet, managing director at Energy Jobline, said: “Nuclear companies in the UK hire a lot of their workforce from the European Union.

“Naturally, hiring managers are worried about whether Brexit will squeeze their flow of talent.

“And professionals working in the UK are concerned about their ability to remain employed in the country.”

Tom Greatrex, chief executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, agreed there are worries over the movement of people.

The former shadow energy minister told Utility Week:“The nuclear industry in the UK has benefited from access to a wide pool of skilled workers from across Europe.

“Movement of people and services continue to be a concern for the industry as there is a lack of detail from government on how this would work once we leave the European Union.

“It’s critical this is fully detailed before March 2019. A transition period would enable new arrangements to bed in, with the least possible disruption for nuclear organisations in the UK.”