Killingholme gas plant well positioned for December capacity auction.

A project to build a new 470MW gas plant near Immingham in North Lincolnshire is now in a “good position” and should be able to participate in this winter’s capacity market auction, the developer, CGen, has said.

The North Killingholme combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant will be built next to the site of an existing CCGT plant which ceased operating in March 2016.

“We are now in a good position with the project and we will be working hard over the coming months to be fully prepared for the capacity market auction in December,” said project director Florent Maes.

“If we are successful in the auction, we could expect to start the construction in 2018 to ensure timely completion and commercial operation by 2021.”

The new plant was awarded a development consent order by the energy secretary at the time in September 2014.

CGen said progress on the project has been accelerated by the recent purchase from Centrica of the adjacent Killingholme A CCGT which is due to be demolished over the next 12 to 18 months.

The acquisition will enable the developer to reuse the existing gas and power grid connections for the new plant as well as develop other new energy projects on the 50-acre site.