Blockchain platform Energy Web Foundation (EWF) has announced the release of a new electric vehicle (EV) charging toolkit.

According to the not-for-profit organization, the new software toolkit expands the functionality of the EW Origin – a portfolio of blockchain-based toolkits for verifying and tracking the ownership of green attributes associated with electricity generation and consumption.

On 7 November, the technology was showcased in a demo with affiliate Wirelane, a full-service provider of electric-mobility solutions, at the European Utility Week conference in Vienna, Austria.

Attendees at the conference saw how kilowatt-hours of EV charging are paired with renewable energy certificates and avoided marginal emissions are securely tracked on the Energy Web blockchain.

The EV charging toolkit is focused on automatically charging electric vehicles, e-bikes, and other electric mobility solutions with clean energy and determining the avoided marginal carbon emissions based on the timing of EV charging.

Jens Griesing, product owner of EW Origin at Energy Web Foundation, said: “Green energy and electric vehicle charging are a natural fit for each other as we move toward a low-carbon, electrified energy future.

“The new EV charging toolkit will allow application developers to build blockchain-based solutions that enable EV drivers to charge their vehicles with clean energy, and to confidently know the emissions-reduction benefits of their e-mobility.”