New green energy supplier to enter the market in 2017

Fischer Energy will enter the energy supply market in January 2017 in a bid to provide “simpler” energy.

The new supplier has partnered with Dong Energy to offer ‘One Fair Tariff’ which guarantees customers 100 per cent green electricity with no additional costs.  

Fischer is determined to “remedy consumers’ negative perceptions of the industry” and make an “assured difference” to the energy supply experience.

Fischer Energy founder and chief executive Keith Bastian said: “Customers don’t want to spend their time dealing with complex pricing structures. It can be overwhelming. Most people want to know they’re receiving their energy at a fair price and get on with their lives. If things do go wrong, we will be on hand to help.”

The new entrant to the market comes at a difficult time for independent suppliers after GB Energy Supply went bust last month, blaming rising wholesale costs. Signs that the supplier was struggling came when it increased prices for customers by 30 per cent in October. Co-operative Energy will now take on its 160,000 customers.

Morgan Stanley Bank also warned earlier this year that market conditions could make it difficult for independent suppliers to survive and gain customers from the big six over the next few years.