Northumbrian Water has announced plans to invest £9 million in three water treatment works.

The utility firm said it will replace the water treatment works at its sites in Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness, starting next month.

Work will begin at Otterburn first, with Northumbrian Water’s supply partners Mott Macdonald Bentley (MMB) moving on to the site in April.

Work will then be carried out at Rochester and Byrness in April 2020.

Construction is expected to last up to one year in all three sites, with Otterburn complete by 2020 and Rochester and Byrness complete by 2021.

The existing works will be demolished once each site is successfully commissioned.

Once they are operating to their full capacity, the works are expected to treat a total of 450,000 litres of water every day.

“This work is part of a wider investment programme, to make sure that our customers have clean and great tasting tap water,” said Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager, Hedley Young.

“The new treatment works will be built next to the existing works at each site, but they’re going to be bigger and better. They’ll use cutting-edge technology and systems to treat water to the highest quality and will be much more efficient.

“Customers shouldn’t experience any disruption to their water supply while we carry out this work, although they might notice more vehicular movement in the area,” added Young.