Nugen joins international nuclear group

Nuclear developer Nugen has joined the World Association of Nuclear Operators, the international organisation that supports nuclear operators in nuclear safety and reliability.

Membership comes with an obligation to allow peer review from other members of the Association (WANO) to ensure best practice is shared across the nuclear power industry worldwide.

Nugen chief executive Tom Samson signed the membership agreement at a ceremony in London with WANO chief executive Peter Prozesky. The firm said this demonstrates its “commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety and reliability”.

Nugen is in the development phase of its Moorside project to build a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria which, when operational, will generate up to 3.8GW of low-carbon electricity.

Samson said: “Our mission is to build a highly trusted, highly skilled organisation to safely develop and construct a new nuclear power station at Moorside.

“By becoming a member of WANO we have made a public commitment to achieving this with the very highest safety standards. WANO offers unrivalled opportunity to share learning and best practice with other nuclear operators from across the world.”