Octopus Energy is working with US-based company FLIR Systems to provide its customers with thermal imaging technology to detect sources of heat loss.

Customers who are identified as using high amounts of energy or who are in debt will be offered cameras, which attach to their smartphones and are operated via an app.

Those who take up the offer will be able to scan their home for sources of escaping heat and see where low-cost fixes, such as blocking draughts and sealing doors and windows, can be made.

This, Octopus says, avoids “wasted effort and expense” often associated with attempts to insulate a whole home.

The company added that this method is also aimed at increasing understanding of heat flows in the home.

Greg Jackson, chief executive of Octopus Energy, said: “We are proud to launch this initiative and show that Octopus isn’t afraid to do things differently.

“People are understandably immune to bland generic messages about energy efficiency, but by finding the people with unexpectedly high bills, and offering them truly useful advice based on their own home, we hope we can really help people stay warm for less.”

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