Open data: The great enabler in UK utilities

20 February 2023

Open data: The great enabler in UK utilities

Open data is at the top of the agenda for the UK’s energy and water companies – driven by the belief that a new approach to data will speed innovation both within and between companies and in so doing, act as a vital enabler for the transition to net zero.

The Energy Digitalisation Taskforce has set out a vision for open data in energy – but how far has the industry come, and where are we with key projects such as the digital spine? Open data is no less important to water, but the sector has further to go – which projects are forging the way, and how?

In this landmark report, Utility Week in association with Amazon Web Services, sets out to answer these questions. Download this free report now to:

  • Understand the definition of open data and what it means for UK utilities
  • Discover how open data is key in meeting net zero goals and implementing innovation
  • Learn about the key open data pilots and projects, from IceBreaker One to Project Stream
  • Identify and mitigate the key risks arising from the open data agenda
  • See how projects are converging around the need for standardisation and interoperability