Optimising flexibility and productivity – the challenge for operations leaders post-Covid

Event Date: 11/09/2020 12:30 pm

A webinar to explore the challenges for utilities operations leaders in supporting increased levels of flexible working while also maximising productivity in the post-Covid environment. The event will feature lessons from the insurance sector as well as insights from utilities experts.

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Coronavirus has triggered some major shifts in perception about the ability of utilities to support home-based and flexible working for staff in a variety of business functions, not least back office operations.

But as the UK emerges from the pandemic, there are some big questions companies need to tackle about how they will sustain and improve their productivity and profitability in world where ways of working appear to have changed for the long term.

In this Utility Week webinar, hosted in association with Verint, we will focus on the potential for major improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of utilities’ back offices, while sustaining and ingraining new ways of working for teams and individuals.

The event will feature:

  • Rebecca Henry, Director of Operations at RSA
  • Lily Stein, Operations Manager, Octopus Energy
  • Chris Rainsforth, Head of Operational Management Best Practice, Verint

Topics due for discussion include:

  • Why the time has come to uncover your “unknown unknowns” about back office productivity and efficiency
  • Why it is time to “level up” investment and focus on back office effectiveness
  • How transformative can new visibility of work and better allocation of work be for an organisation?
  • How should “hybrid” working across home and office-based operations change the way you deploy resource and skills?
  • How much additional capacity potential is there within existing back office operations teams?

Register now or listen on demand.