Small energy supplier Outfox the Market has said it is on track to begin a rollout of SMETS2 smart meters in early 2019.

The renewable energy firm launched in September 2017 and is fast approaching 100,000 customers.

It operates a model under which members pay wholesale prices for their energy in exchange for a monthly membership fee based on estimated annual consumption.

The company is part of Foxglove Energy Supply – the licensee that also includes Fischer Energy, Fischer EV and Eco 7 Energy.

Foxglove Energy Supply has an agreement with renewable developer Orsted, which supplies 100 per cent renewable electricity to customers of all four brands.

Outfox the Market appeared on Which?’s list of the five cheapest tariffs for August. However, the company’s head of operations Brad Goodfellow told Utility Week that, despite this, “cheap prices aren’t everything“.

SMETS2 progress

In August, clean growth minister Claire Perry announced that more than 2,000 second generation smart meters are now live.

Unlike the SMETS1 devices that make up the vast majority of those in operation, SMETS2 smart meters are fully interoperable between all energy suppliers.

Perry said around 11 million SMETS1 are in the market and working in smart mode as intended. However, around 637,000 are currently operating in traditional or “dumb” mode.

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