Mid-tier supplier Ovo Energy claims it has installed the “world’s first” widely available, domestic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charger at a customer’s home.

The 6KW device is available to certain electric vehicle (EV) drivers and enables them to transfer electricity back to the grid to supply it with electricity at peak demand.

For example the device is available to Nissan Leaf drivers with a 30 or 40kWh battery.

Drivers of the Leaf will be able to sell their energy back to the grid meaning they have “free power” for their EV – an “important step” for both companies to deliver on offering customers free power for their EVs, Ovo claims.

Tom Pakenham, director of electric vehicles at Ovo Energy, said: “We’re excited to install a vehicle-to-grid charger in a customer’s home.

“By developing vehicle-to-grid technology we’re enabling drivers to store renewable energy in their cars, use that to power their homes and to sell energy back to the grid at peak times, allowing our customers to earn rewards from smart charging their electric vehicle.”

The charger was unveiled at the Energy Technology Product Showcase in April.

The UK government has already said it will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2040.

Meanwhile recent calls by MPs on the BEIS committee have urged this be brought forward by eight years to 2032, in line with Scottish government targets.

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