“Our apprenticeship scheme is a great way to ensure the workforce has a smooth and even age profile.”

We’re proud that it’s our network that connects communities across the North West and we employ local people who share our enthusiasm and commitment. With investment and training they become our experts who ensure we provide a safe and exceptional service to five million homes in the region.

Employing local people who reflect the communities in which we operate will continue to form a major part of our approach to recruitment and our annual intake of apprentices plays a crucial part.

Taking on apprentices benefits both us as an organisation and the local community, for many reasons. We provide 1,700 jobs at 14 depots – and for 600 contractors – and we’re delighted to be inspiring the next generation to help keep the lights on while addressing the industry-wide skills shortage and an ageing workforce.

Our apprenticeship scheme is a great way to ensure the workforce has a smooth and even age profile; it makes business sense for us; and we also benefit from the energy and bright ideas that the apprentices bring with them.

We have welcomed almost 200 apprentices over the past ten years and the continuity of our apprenticeship scheme is one of the things that makes it a success, it is well resourced and run by experienced people.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the energy industry and we are leading the way to a low-carbon future because demand for electricity in the UK is expected to increase significantly as more people start to use renewable energy and low-carbon technologies such as electric cars and heat pumps.

It’s the biggest change the energy industry has seen in over 50 years and having young minds applying themselves to that change is necessary for our business and will help drive forward the transition to a low-carbon and renewable energy-driven electricity system.

Apprentices in our sector are above all else enthusiastic problem solvers. They are the talent we need at this time of fundamental change. Many of our most valuable employees today were the apprentices of yesterday. They are well trained, committed and capable individuals who know our operation and our business inside out. In turn, they are passing on their skills and experience to our apprentices.

We are enthused to be part of a significant change in the energy industry and I have no doubt that our apprentices will continue to play a key role and help us on that exciting journey.


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