Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure provider Pod Point has installed 67 EV charge points for Skanska UK at the contractor’s headquarters in Hertfordshire. The installation is believed to be the largest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe to date.

Pod Point installed the 7kW charge points within two weeks along with the infrastructure, which can be scaled up to 243 charge points in the future.

The move will enable Skanska employees to charge their EVs while they work. The company will be able to set custom electricity tariffs, monitor usage and control access to a central charging system.

It is part of Skanska’s commitment to decarbonise its fleet and to have the lowest emissions fleet in the industry.

Erik Fairbairn, chief executive of Pod Point, said: “This is the largest single site charge point installation that we’re aware of in the UK, but also a sign of a larger shift over the past six months, as more businesses wake up to the benefits of EVs.

“We’ve certainly seen a big increase in enquiries from companies wanting future proof charge point installations that can be scaled up as their fleets make the switch to electric.”

Paul Jarvis, senior project manager at Skanska, added:  “The installation of the EV charge points was a credit to all concerned. All site work was done efficiently, on time and to budget with minimal impact on a busy, occupied site.”

Pod Point was selected following a competitive procurement process.

Recent research commissioned by Ovo Energy suggests existing EVs in the UK could contribute more than 114MW to the National Grid, enough to power over 300,000 homes.

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