Timing can make all the difference in politics. Sadly, Claire Perry’s was out this week. Since the spring, the minister of state for energy and clean growth has been planning Green Great Britain Week. It was meant to be a showcase for efforts to promote the UK as a beacon for environmentally friendly growth.

But Cuadrilla threw a spanner in the works by restarting fracking for shale gas on Monday. It seems a tad ungrateful on the firm’s part considering how ministers have bent over backwards to accommodate the growth of shale gas in recent years.

The resumption of shale gas tests after a seven-year hiatus completely overshadowed the launch of Green GB Week, which featured as its centrepiece the government’s formal invitation to the Committee on Climate Change to review the UK’s greenhouse gas emission targets.

The timing was out in another respect, too. The launch also coincided with the latest breakdown in talks over Brexit.

This week’s EU summit has been a red-letter date in the government’s diary for months, given that it was when the long-awaited EU withdrawal deal was due to be agreed.

No doubt part of the point of Green GB Week is to prove the government can focus on matters beyond Brexit. And the clean growth, which Perry has been trying to promote this week, must be a vital element of the UK’s post-EU economic future.

But given how Brexit hogs the news agenda, it was always going to be a struggle to get any attention for anything, with or without Cuadrilla’s move.

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