Energy Switch Guarantee chair calls for more suppliers to sign up

Pure Planet has become the latest supplier to sign up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

The renewable energy supplier, which launched in May, joins around three-quarters of the market, which have already signed up to the guarantee, which promises to make the switching process simple, speedy and safe.

Other signatories include British Gas, Eon and First Utility.

Pure Planet’s co-founder, Andrew Ralston said they have already made the switching process faster through mobile technology.

“We are currently the fastest any supplier transfer can be under current rules at only 17 days,” said Ralston.

“Customers can get access to renewable electricity and carbon off-set gas in record time. We’re proud to be part of the Energy Switch Guarantee scheme that gives consumers the ultimate peace of mind.”

The independent chair of the scheme, Tina Tietjen, added: “More and more consumers are switching supplier, but to keep these numbers growing, it is important all suppliers commit to make the process simpler for consumers who might be reluctant.

“I am pleased to see Pure Planet has made this pledge and hope more suppliers follow shortly.”