Robots with hearts: Digital empathy in the utilities sector

1 December 2020

Robots with hearts: Digital empathy in the utilities sector

Can digital solutions help utilities provide sensitive and personalised service to customers at scale? Utility Week explores the potential in this new report.

More and more UK consumers are falling behind on their bills as the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit home. Meanwhile, other forms of vulnerability are on the rise too and proving increasingly indiscriminate in terms of those affected.

These trends are driving up the volume of challenging, sensitive, and complex customer contacts being handled by energy and water companies, creating upward pressure on cost to serve and making it harder for companies to maintain satisfaction scores.

Can digital solutions save the day? In this new report from Utility Week in association with Bold360 by LogMeIn, we explore some of the ways companies in the utilities sector and beyond are using technology to support the delivery of empathetic service.

Download the report now for insights into:

  • The need for digital empathy today
  • Sentiment recognition and empathy
  • Anonymity, autonomy and the advantages of digital solutions for sensitive customer interactions
  • The limitations of digital empathy and potential for unintended consequences