Rogerson expected to be named as water minister

The new water minister is expected to be named as the Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson.

In last week’s reshuffle, Rogerson was promoted alongside Tory MP George Eustice from the backbenches to a ministerial role within Defra – with Eustice initially named on the Defra website as the new water minister.

However, Defra has not confirmed which MP will take up the position vacated by Richard Benyon, although Utility Week underastands that within Westminster it is expected that Rogerson will pick up the water brief.

A spokesperson from Defra insisted that “it is not unusual” for it to take a couple of week to sort out the ministerial portfolios, adding “it is just one of those things”.

Neil Dhot, spokesman for Water UK, said the fact that the water brief has not yet been decided “is not a concern at all” because they know the minister will be either Eustice or Rogerson.

He added: “The [Water] Bill is there – we’re about to have second reading – so we know exactly what the government’s agenda is, and we’re working to the price review so we’re very clear in what Ofwat wants as well, and the environment agency.

“So in that sense, the industry knows what is required of it at the moment.”