Sembcorp to build 360MW battery system in Teesside

Sembcorp Energy UK has revealed plans to build Europe’s largest battery storage system at the Wilton International chemicals park in Teesside.

The company said it already has the land and grid connections available to enable the swift installation of the batteries, which will have a generation capacity of 360MW and will be deployed in tranches.

Sembcorp said it is currently looking at two-hour duration batteries that would give the facility a storage capacity of 720MWh.

Andy Koss, chief executive of the UK and Middle East at Sembcorp Industries, said: “Now, more than ever, flexible energy sources play an increasingly important role in maintaining secure and reliable energy supplies. With a growing reliance on renewables, the UK energy system needs to be flexible and able to respond quickly to changes.

“Sembcorp Energy UK is committed to accelerating the energy transition with sustainable solutions, such as batteries. Additionally, the location of 360MW of batteries at Wilton International strengthens Teesside’s green regeneration and position as a hub of low-carbon innovation in the North East.”

Sembcorp currently operates 70MW of batteries and a further 50MW already in the pipeline and due to become operational in early 2022.

The firm is also planning to build a 300MW gas power station with carbon capture and storage at the Wilton International site. The Whitetail Clean Energy plant will utilise the Allam-Fetvedt cycle, whereby the fuel is combusted in pure oxygen to produce supercritical CO2 that is used to drive a turbine and can also be captured and stored.

Sembcorp said the completion of its entire development pipeline would bring the total size of its energy portfolio to more than 1.6GW, with almost half a gigawatt coming from batteries.