New product launched to give business customers access to wholesale water rates

Water retailer SES Business Water has launched a new product that offers businesses access to wholesale water rates, as an alternative to applying for a self-supply licence.

In the run-up to market opening, some business customers are considering applying for self-supply licences to enable them to access wholesale prices.

However, SES Business said, this requires a large amount of administrative work to set up and maintain, as well as significant levels of working capital to be invested.

The new product, called Wholesale Tracker Plus, will track the annual wholesale rate – the lowest cost allowed by the Water Act – and give businesses access to the most competitive prices in the market. The product negates the risk of self-supply and offers transparent wholesale water rates and low retail margins.

SES Business Water is offering a 28 day exit option with no penalty, rather than a locked in contract.

SES Business Water managing director Giuseppe Di Vita said: “Competition in the water market is all about offering businesses choice and challenging retailers to provide innovative products and solutions.

“Demonstrating transparency and value for money will be vital to earn businesses’ trust, which is why we have launched this product.

“Wholesale Tracker Plus gives businesses total peace of mind that they can access the wholesale market, without the extra work and capital required to go direct.”

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