SES Water has switched to renewable electricity for all its treatment works, pumping stations and offices in a move it describes as a “major step forward” for its environmental commitments.

As of 1 June, the water company will only consume electricity backed by the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certification scheme.

Haven Power, which has been working with SES Water for several years, will supply the water company with 100 per cent renewable energy.

SES Water uses enough electricity every day to power 13,000 homes and said its carbon emissions reduction will be the equivalent of taking around 4,000 cars off the road each year.

Tom Kelly, wholesale services director at SES Water, said: “We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and are always looking at ways to balance the impact of our essential activities.

“Abstracting, treating and distributing water is extremely energy intensive so I am very pleased that we are now only purchasing electricity from renewable sources. This also supplements our own renewable generation from solar panels at our sites which last year produced over 200,000 kilowatt hours.”

Henrietta Stock, energy and carbon manager at SES Water, added: “Purchasing electricity that is backed by REGOs supports the investment in renewable generation in the UK and reduces the environmental impact of our operations. We are also working hard to reduce our energy consumption and exploring how we can further invest in our own renewable generation assets.”

Paul Sheffield, chief operating officer at Haven Power, said: “The use of renewable power by UK businesses is increasing as companies realise the carbon saving and social responsibility benefits.”

SES Water is currently producing its business plan for 2020-25. Its draft plan “pledges to do more to support a thriving environment”. It includes commitments around reducing greenhouse gases, improving the biodiversity of sites and working with partners to improve local rivers and streams.

Northumbrian Water will also power all 1,858 of its sites using renewable electricity for the next four years. It signed a deal worth more than £100 million with Danish energy supplier Orsted in April.

Water companies have until 3 September to submit their business plans for PR19 to Ofwat.

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