Sharing data and delivering measures via councils boosts response rates fourfold for programmes such as the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Cert), according to Eon.

The firm gave Coventry City Council its customer data to cross-check and found 4,000 customers eligible for either a Warm Homes Discount or Cert Super Priority Group measures. The council contacted households and sent Eon energy assessors to them under council branding. The result was a 10 per cent response rate. Eon said door knocking usually received a 2.5 per cent response rate.

Cert closes at the end of the year. Ofgem said the deadline would not be extended for suppliers to hit targets. In May, the regulator estimated Cert costs passed on by suppliers to dual fuel households in 2012 to be £52. However, SSE director of generation and supply Alistair Phillips-Davies told the Energy & Climate Change Committee this week there had been a “massive increase in cost of delivery over the last few months”.

This article first appeared in Utility Week’s print edition of 7th September 2012.

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