Companies hoping to prove the case for combining time of use tariff with batteries

A new smart tariff designed to incentivise the use of batteries is to be trialled in homes by independent supplier Tonik Energy and storage seller Powervault.

They hope the experiment will provide a “proof of concept” for the packaging of a smart meter-enabled time of use tariff with household storage.

“Historically, domestic energy storage has been associated primarily with the 900,000 UK homes equipped with solar panels, but a much larger market is starting to emerge, enabled by the smart meter rollout,” said Powervault managing director Joe Warren.

Powervault’s battery storage units will be installed in the homes of participants. In combination with a smart meter and the new time of use tariff, this will enable customers to automatically buy and store electricity during cheaper off-peak periods and then use it during more expensive peak periods.

Chris Russell, managing director of Tonik Energy said: “The next decade is going to see huge change as homeowners get genuine insight into energy usage combined with access to smart, in-home, energy efficient technologies that will help you use less energy, access cheaper energy and generate your own energy.

“It is hugely exciting, therefore, to be collaborating with a like-minded company such as Powervault, who shares our ambition to be at the forefront of this move towards a more sustainable future.”

Tonik Energy has set itself the target of halving its customers’ bills by 2022 through the use of smart technology and data. The supplier said the automated use of battery storage could cut bills by up to 35 per cent. 

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