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The nationwide public awareness campaign promoting smart meters has been launched today.

Smart Energy GB (formerly the Smart Meter Central Delivery Body), has launched the campaign in some “targeted locations”, with Gaz and Leccy making their first public appearances.

This marks the start of an £85 million, seven year advertising campaign that will run through 2020, and the end of the smart meter rollout.

Gaz and Leccy are likely to make their first radio appearances around the end of this year, before making their TV and online bows from 2016.

Claire Maugham, director of communications at Smart Energy GB, said: “Gaz and Leccy are embodiments of what we’ve heard about consumers’ experiences about buying gas and electricity.

“We heard time and time again that people are anxious because they don’t know what they’re spending, they don’t know if they are on the right tariff or with the right supplier, and buying gas and electrify is so unlike buying anything in any other part of our lives these days.

“It’s almost like they are out of control, causing chaos around the house like two naughtily children, you don’t know what they’re up to, you can’t see them, hence these mischievous characters.”

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