Smart meter rollout: intelligent solutions for legacy challenges

29 November 2022

Smart meter rollout: intelligent solutions for legacy challenges

This report sets out how energy and water companies can better engage customers through the smart meter rollout, as well as organising installations and maintenance appointments without alienating them.

With the UK facing both increased risk of drought and rising energy costs, the need for customers to take control over water and energy consumption has never been greater. The deployment of smart meters offers huge potential for improved consumption monitoring.

However, energy and water companies are facing a twin challenge which is primarily customer and asset related. Utilities must tackle resistance to smart meter adoption and shape consumer perception by clearly aligning with sustainability and consumption concerns. Concurrently, there is a need to improve asset management regimes to ensure smart meters are installed efficiently and that maintenance processes are streamlined.

To truly unlock the benefits of smart meter deployment, utilities must address the barriers to adoption and ensure field operatives tasked with installations and longer-term asset maintenance are equipped with the expertise and technology to meet customers’ increasing expectations.

Utility Week has partnered with OverIT to produce this report which explores key themes, including:

  • What are the major blockers to engaging customers with smart meters?
  • What lessons can be learnt from the energy smart meter rollout?
  • What are the key challenges for field service teams across the asset management lifecycle?
  • What role can new technologies play in streamlining smart meter installation and long-term asset management?

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