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Smart energy meters being installed in Manchester could save householders about £65 a year each by ending estimated bills, British Gas said today.

The energy supplier said the meters, which government requires to be installed in all homes by 2019, will save Manchester’s 205,000 householders £13 million a year. The firm, which is currently installing the devices across the country, said customers will only pay for the energy they use, putting an end to estimated bills. 

According to a report commissioned by British Gas, the savings made by homes in Manchester will contribute to a net benefit of nearly £14 billion across the country as a whole. 

Stuart Rolland, managing director of British Gas Smart Metering, said: “Smart meters will revolutionise home energy use in Manchester by putting an end to estimated bills and making it possible to clearly see and understand the energy you’re using as you’re using it.” 

“And as today’s figures show, smart meters will help people save energy, keeping bills under control.