Smart Energy GB conducts the largest independent barometer of national public opinion on energy and smart meters twice each year, Smart energy outlook.

The latest report, published earlier this month, shows that understanding of smart meters is growing – there are now 16.5 million people in Britain, or a third of the population, who understand in detail what a smart meter is and that they are installed by energy suppliers. This is an increase of 1.5 million in the past six months.

The report also finds that 12 million people in Great Britain now either have a smart meter or are interested in getting one. Among those who have a smart meter already, levels of satisfaction are very high, with over 80 per cent saying that they would recommend one to others. This goes up to nearly 90 per cent among those on low incomes, indicating that those who could benefit the most from the savings that smart meters can help them make, are keen to pass the message on.

Nearly nine in ten smart meter users say they have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy, and 73 per cent say they are more conscious about the energy they use.

Consistent with previous findings, 82 per cent of people with smart meters are using the technology on a regular basis to change their energy behaviour and get their gas and electricity under control.

The report finds that in-home displays (IHDs) are being used regularly. Almost 90 per cent of smart meter customers with an IHD say they have a better idea of what they are spending on energy – and eight in ten use theirs at least a few times each month. As many as 40 per cent check their IHD every day which compares to only 22 per cent who have an app and 4 per cent who log onto a website daily.

Smart energy outlook also demonstrates very low levels of consumer concern about smart meters: barely 1 per cent of respondents identified health concerns as an issue, and only 4 per cent said they had concerns about privacy.

It’s great to hear from so many people using and loving their smart meters. Millions more will contact their energy supplier and start reaping the benefits of smart technology in their home during 2017.

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