The number of installed SMETS2 meters has crossed 1,000, Greg Clark has revealed.

Responding to a question yesterday in Parliament on the progress of the SMETS2 programme, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) secretary said that 1,000 of the devices had been installed and connected to the Data Communications Company (DCC).

Clark said the figure was a “significant milestone because it represents the beginning of the roll-out of the next generation of meters”.

The secretary of state’s statement means that the number of installed SMETS2 meters has doubled since February, when energy and climate change minister Claire Perry told the House of Commons that 450 were connected to the DCC system. Of these, 80 had been installed in households.

Unlike the SMETS1 devices that make up the vast majority of those in operation, SMETS2 smart meters are fully interoperable between all energy suppliers.

The Smart Meters Act, which includes measures to extend the lifespan of the government’s powers for rolling out the devices, became law last month.

During the summing up debate on the bill, the government announced that it would publish by the end of this year an action plan on overcoming the operational and technical bugbears that have held back delivery of its smart meter programme.