Solarplicity has hit back at Ofgem after being issued with its second provisional order, accusing the energy regulator of not engaging with the supplier prior to issuing the order.

The company has been ordered to pay outstanding payments to several feed-in tariff (FIT) generators by 16 May.

However responding to the latest provisional order, Solarplicity said it is “disappointed” with the regulator and insists it is already complying with the order’s requirements.

A spokesperson said: “The team at Solarplicity Supply Limited is disappointed that Ofgem has chosen to issue this provisional order in circumstances where we are already complying with the requirements it sets out.

“Solarplicity has offered voluntary undertakings to Ofgem to assure Ofgem of continued compliance and has proposed additional arrangements above and beyond Solarplicity’s obligations around payment handling.

“Ofgem did not engage with Solarplicity prior to issuing the provisional order to understand the robust processes Solarplicity has in place, or the arrangements we have made in respect of FIT generator payments.

“Solarplicity made arrangements to ensure FIT generators would continue to receive FIT payments.

“All payments due to FIT generators are being made and arrangements are in place to make all future payments.”

In response, Ofgem said it appears the company is not meeting its payment plans.

A spokesperson told Utility Week: “Ofgem has been in contact with Solarplicity and FIT generators regarding this issue.

“Ofgem is aware that Solarplicity has attempted to put in place several payment plans for outstanding FIT payments due to FIT generators, but it appears to Ofgem from the complaints it has received from FIT generators that Solarplicity is not meeting those payment plans.”

Furthermore the Energy Ombudsman has confirmed to Utility Week that it has received five feed-in tariff complaints about Solarplicity so far this year.

In February Solarplicity was banned from taking on new customers by the regulator for up to three months until it resolves customer service issues.

The company said it fully expected the restrictions imposed by the first provisional order to be lifted this month.

The spokesperson added: “The previous provisional order related to issues Ofgem identified with Solarplicity’s complaints handling, customer contact, vulnerable customer identification and switching/contracts renewals process.

“Solarplicity has rectified all issues identified by Ofgem and is now demonstrating performance equal to or above comparable suppliers across all areas.

“Solarplicity fully expects that the restrictions imposed by the previous provisional order will be lifted on or before Ofgem’s decision deadline of 22 May 2019.”