Spark Energy adds Sky TV to rental deals

Short-term Sky packages add to Spark's home services portfolio

Spark Energy has added Sky TV to the perks its customers in the domestic rental sector can enjoy.

The addition comes on the back of an agreement between broadband provider Home Telecom – which Spark acquired in April – and Sky to deliver TV packages with no exit fees and which include to scope for break clauses.

Spark Energy specialises in serving the UK rental sector, and the its expanding range of home services are designed to appeal to customer who need services which match the length of their tenancy.

Commenting on the deal between Home Telcom and Sky, Spark Energy chief executive Chris Gauld said the availability of “short-term Sky packages” adds new strength to the suppliers service portfolio.

It will benefits both tenants and lettings partners “by bringing in more products and services, creating more reasons for customers to join and stay with Spark and adding further value to our letting agent, social housing and property aggregator clients,” said Gauld.