Overarching objectives for the Scottish government’s bid to create a publicly owned energy company (POEC) have been suggested in a study by the University of Strathclyde.

The scoping note, published by Ragne Low, principal knowledge exchange fellow at the Centre for Energy Policy, part of the university’s International Public Policy Institute, made the proposals for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee.

It reviewed the evidence on establishing a public energy company and looked more widely at what the purpose and model of such a body could be.

The review suggested:

  • Creating new energy infrastructure platforms
  • Accelerating wider energy system information
  • Increasing engagement and participation in the energy system
  • Reducing costs to consumers

A consultation on the draft Scottish energy strategy was held between January and May last year.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon made a commitment to establish a not-for-profit, publicly owned energy company in October 2017.

In its conclusions the review stated that a Scottish publicly owned energy company can deliver on several the objectives and suggests it is possible to “integrate these wider objectives into planning for the POEC even if the focus for the POEC is initially as an energy supply company”.

The Scottish government reaffirmed its commitment to creating a public energy company and confirmed a further consultation will take place later this year.

A spokesman said: “We are committed to consulting on our proposals for a public energy company later this year.

“The consultation will build on the strategic outline case, prepared by EY, which was published on the Scottish government website in April.”