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Latest in hydrogen production

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. When combined with carbon capture technology or produced using renewable sources, it could serve as a carbon-neutral alternative to natural gas. However, hydrogen and its role in Britain's energy future have been subject to frequent debates and uncertainties from energy experts. The extent of its role in decarbonising our gas network is still up for debate, with a decision on hydrogen blending being a key milestone for its potential rollout.
The potential role of hydrogen in domestic heating has progressed from the theoretical to detailed engagement on what this would mean in reality. This webinar will explore learnings from the hydrogen village trials and how gas networks are refining their approaches to engaging with the public on the decarbonisation of heat.
CNG Fuels has announced plans to host hydrogen fuel trials in mid-2022 across its UK network of biomethane refuelling stations to support the future decarbonisation of HGVs. As part of its hydrogen ambitions the company has launched a new branch called HyFuels which it has established to identify the best hydrogen production pathways and infrastructure solutions for HGVs. Meanwhile, global consulting firm Wood has agreed a deal with Hygen Energy to accelerate the production of green hydrogen for decarbonising transport.

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