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Affinity Water has raised concerns that the emphasis on eliminating harm from combined sewer overflows could detract from efforts to make abstraction sustainable. Regulation and strategy consultant Nicky Fomes says it is time to have a mature conversation about rising household bills and phasing investment following the publication of the strategic policy statement to Ofwat last week.
The strategic policy statement (SPS) informing Ofwat of the government's priorities for the water sector for PR24 and beyond will be formally laid out in parliament today (2 February). It is expected to reinforce the message in the draft SPS that protecting and enhancing the water environment must be central to the price review
Utility Week hears initial thoughts from the water sector on the first draft of Defra’s strategic policy statement to Ofwat, with commentators warning that it lacks the detail required to trigger the investment needed at PR24 if the government is serious about tackling river pollution and decarbonisation.

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