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Latest in water labelling

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has published a long-awaited consultation on a mandatory water labelling scheme that could help plug the UK's future water deficit by enabling households to use water more efficiently. The paper proposed a standalone label for water products and a dual water and energy label for appliances already covered by energy labelling.
Water UK's director of policy Stuart Colville tells Utility Week the government needs to match the water sector's ambition to meet demand management goals and to improve sewerage systems
Shadow environment minister Luke Pollard said the water industry needs fundamental changes to face the climate crisis with a focus on helping customers use less water. He called for a shift in mindset from political leaders, companies and regulators as well as consumers to rethink how natural resources are viewed.
The well-established, voluntary water efficiency label has gained recognition across Europe but water efficiency experts fear the nature of it would limit its adoption on high consumption goods, the Bathroom Manufacturers Association argues that re-inventing the wheel would hinder progress
Supporters of Affinity Water’s efficiency campaign have called for a labelling scheme to encourage gardeners to choose plants that require less water.
Southern Water's water efficiency manager Ben Earl argues the case for mandatory labels on water goods as a measure to reduce per capita consumption, but manufacturers are less keen.

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