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Face-to-face engagement offers energy retailers a unique opportunity to connect with the vast swathe of customers that have become passive players in today’s energy market.

In an environment where suppliers can no longer compete solely on price but must strive to personalise their services as far as possible it is more important than ever that customers unengaged with other sales channels are not left behind. Face-to-face engagement, as part of a unified multi-channel sales strategy has the potential to help suppliers stand apart in the market emerging from the current crisis.

However, field sales in the sector remain tainted by the mis-selling scandals that led to the practice largely being suspended a decade ago. There is a need to build trust and ensure processes and customer journeys are fit for purpose.

How can retailers deploy a more positive and progressive approach to face-to-face engagement that acts as a catalyst for growth in an uncertain world?

This webinar, in association with PSI Mobile, will consider how field sales can return as a positive force in developing deeper relationships with customers. Retailers and experts from other sectors will share their thoughts and experiences of bringing face-to-face interactions into the present in ways that maximise customer experience.

Among the panelists will be Helen Kyne, head of Energy Hubs at Utilita and Ian Hughes, director of field sales at Ogi.

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