Tim Yeo cleared of breaking lobbying rules

Time Yeo has been cleared on all counts of breaching lobbying laws by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards today.

The Conservative MP, and chair of the Energy and Climate Change (ECC) select committee, referred himself to the Committee on Standards in June this year, following allegations he used his role to help a businessman influence parliament are investigated.

The South Suffolk MP temporarily stood down from his role of chairman of the ECC select committe, and was replaced by Liberal Democrat Sir Robert Smith. Yeo is expected to resume his role of chair next week.

Yeo was alleged by the Sunday Times to have offered to approach ministers on the ECC committee on the businessman’s behalf, and that he once told a witness what to say when appearing before the select committee.

On being cleared, Yeo said: “After a full investigation, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner accepted, as I have always maintained, that I did not break the rules of the House.

“This investigation included a thorough examination of the full video recording produced – after a 6-week delay – to the Commissioner by the Sunday Times.

“Based on what I actually said, rather than what I was reported by the newspaper to have said, the Commissioner found and the Committee confirms that I have not acted in breach of the Code of Conduct.”