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Turn disruption in the utilities market into competitive advantage

The utility industry is undergoing a massive disruption, and organizations need to become customer-centric in order to stay ahead of the competition.

It has become critical for energy and utility companies to adopt an advanced analytics platform that is flexible and future-looking, and that delivers the solving power and rapid deployment needed to drive ROI. In this FICO solution sheet, you’ll learn five ways predictive analytics can help utility companies:

Deploy advanced analytic solutions 80% faster than before

Find the best choices in seconds — in areas such as demand forecasting, pricing or load balancing

Consume complex spreadsheets, analytic tools and data into visually rich solutions

Increase decision accuracy by 5% to 40%

Optimise automated and human channels — text, voice, email and mobile apps — based on consumer preference

Future-proof your business and monetise your analytic investments.

Download the FICO solution sheet and learn more.

Download the FICO solution sheet and learn more

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