UK Power Networks has teamed up with the Scouts to offer a new badge to help young people to become more energy aware.

Scouts will be able to earn the local knowledge badge by learning how to stay safe around substations and cables, and by increasing local awareness of the free help available to those in the community who rely on electricity.

The badge was co-designed by UK Power Networks staff, who are also scout leaders and will be testing it with their local groups, which include 25th Ealing, Thurston and Rendlesham Scout Groups.

In one of the challenges to earn the new badge, scouts can design a poster promoting their local network operator’s free priority services register.

Currently 1.6 million households are registered on UK Power Networks’ register to receive free extra help and advice in the event of a power cut in London, the South East and East of England.

Local scouts will also be inviting people in their community to sign the register, and spreading the word at community venues such as GP surgeries.

“We are really excited about this new partnership which will give thousands of young people skills for life to keep them safe around the electricity network and create stronger communities,”said head of safety at UK Power Networks, Peter Vujanic.

“Last year alone we delivered electricity safety advice to over 350,000 people.”

The Scout Association’s Simon Carter added: “The scouts who gain the local knowledge badge will have developed another set of skills for life. They will be better equipped to keep themselves safe and help others in their community stay safe.

“At a time when UK Power Networks is developing smart grids to enable the younger generation to enjoy a low carbon future, we are looking forward to the next generation of scouts developing into energy efficiency and safety ambassadors in their local communities. It is one of the great strengths of the scouting movement that they work hard to build stronger communities.”