Ultrafiltration innovation to secure long-term water quality

7 October 2021

Ultrafiltration innovation to secure long-term water quality

Utility Week Innovate shares an in-depth look at how Suez, @one Alliance and Anglian Water have harnessed membrane technology to provide long-term, city-wide, water quality.

This case study on the pioneering application of membrane technology at Anglian Water’s Heigham ultrafiltration plant explores how collaborative innovation has enabled upgrades to Norwich’s drinking water supply and ensured resilience against rising quality challenges.

The improved plant has been operating since 2019, providing uninterrupted drinking water and demonstrating the robust, flexible and effective use of ultrafiltration technology.

Key insights include:

  • Upgrading treatment works to tackle increasingly problematic water quality issues while retaining and utilising existing facilities.
  • Contending with a highly variable water quality and risks of microbiological contamination.
  • Collaborative innovation to provide long-term water quality using membrane systems.
  • Delivering a high quality and consistent water supply while considering environmental responsibilities.

Download the case study now to find out more.