Unlocking proactive customer service

31 May 2022

Unlocking proactive customer service

Utilities leaders have long spoken of a need to shift sector mindsets from a focus on assets to the needs of end users. But, how quickly is this transition happening in practice and is data playing the central role it needs to? This new report gauges the views of senior industry figures, from Eon, EDF, Western Power Distribution and UK Power Networks among others.

This report, produced in association with Ordnance Survey, explores the key role data about households will play in enabling utility companies to proactively meet the needs of their customers.

The shift towards greater customer-centricity within the utilities industry is primarily being driven by three things; the move towards net zero, a push from regulators and the customer-first approach of other industries.

The need to help customers adopt net-zero technology sees both energy suppliers and distribution network operators (DNOs) trying to identify the right customers.

For energy suppliers this will allow them to proactively offer electric vehicles and heat pumps, while DNOs must ensure they are not the barrier to adoption through identifying old fuses and upgrading them ahead of time.

Meanwhile, in the water sector a reduction in home visits is seeing the industry keen to adopt the latest digital channels to stay in communication with their customers.

This report explores how data about households, such as their age and location is helping the energy industry get ahead on customer service, while also underpinning many of the digital communication channels being adopted by the water sector.

Featuring contributions from Eon, EDF, Western Power Distribution and UK Power Networks, the report explores the drivers behind the increase in customer-centricity and how data holds the key to proactive customer service approaches.