A US firm has announced plans to trial wave power on an “unprecedented” scale with the deployment of a 9MW project at the Wave Hub in Cornwall.

GWave has been developing its Power Generation Vessel technology for the past decade and is now preparing to ship the first full-scale prototype across the Atlantic ahead of installation.

“Today’s announcement lifts the lid on a well-kept secret,” said Wave Hub managing director Claire Gibson. “GWave’s wave device is exceptional and we are excited by the prospect of it being demonstrated at Wave Hub in Cornwall. ‎ We look forward to working with them ‎to achieve what will be a major milestone for the ‎industry.”

GWave chief executive Robert Stoddard said: “Our project launch at Cornwall’s Wave Hub facility will be a critical step in GWave’s program to bring to market cheap, clean electricity from the ocean.”

Along with its partners, the Maine-based firm is currently testing the mooring system at Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory at Plymouth University.

Commenting on the announcement, Regen director Johnny Gowdy said: “Two things really stand out about the GWave project. Firstly, it has been financed entirely by the private sector and is supported by a very strategically focused investor.

“Secondly, with a massive 9MW capacity, the GWave generator is bigger than the largest offshore wind turbine. It could therefore open the possibility of large scale wave energy at a price that could compete with the cheapest low carbon technologies.”

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