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UK Energy suppliers still have 20 years of Feed In Tariff administration ahead. FIT is a product with indirect benefits, as well being a product which brings high administrative costs and effort for suppliers. FIT administration includes multiple manual tasks that have minimal margin for error but are prone to manual error.

Feed-in tariffs in the United Kingdom took effect in April 2010.  A Feed-in Tariff is a payment made by energy suppliers if a property or organisation generates their own electricity using technology such as solar panels or wind turbines. The Feed-In Tariff applies to small-scale generation of electricity using eligible renewable technologies.

To encourage development of these technologies, Feed-in Tariffs pay the generator a certain amount, even for energy which the generator themselves consumes. Electricity fed into the grid also receives an additional export tariff. Costs for the programme are borne by all British electricity consumers proportionally; all consumers will bear a slight increase in their annual bill, thus allowing electricity utilities to pay the FIT for renewable electricity generated at the rates set by the government.

Changes in consumer demand and new opportunities in decentralized renewable energy production, are influencing energy companies to invest in alternative sources, modernize their infrastructure and seek new revenue streams. With the ending of the passive energy consumer, energy suppliers can profit by increasing their service level and connecting with the consumer via an online, two-way interaction platform. Liberalization of the energy markets creates the opportunity for customer empowerment. JulesFIT is the online solution for FIT administration enabling energy supplier’s back office efficiency and customer self-service.

The JulesFIT online administration solution enables FIT Licensees, Generators and Consultants to efficiently manage their FIT scheme obligations. It is developed to minimize operational costs for FIT Licensees while providing more visibility and a better experience for both Licensees, Generators and their Consultants.

The adoption of online tooling allows for improved administrative efficiency by managing a supplier’s FIT Generator portfolio and reducing the supplier’s cost to serve. Online tooling is the perfect next step in adding value to the supplier / customer relationship. JulesFIT provides FIT Generators with a value-added tool for the management of FITs.

  • A licensee facing portal where Suppliers can manage FIT installation registration, statements, payments, reporting and other obligations to the FIT scheme.
  • A Generator facing portal where generators can manage their FIT installations.
  • A Consultant facing portal where consultants can manage their portfolio of Generators.

With JulesFIT, Jules solves all FIT administration related issues and automates the entire FIT administration process. JulesFIT is a stand-alone cloud-based SaaS solution offering end to end functionality. The adoption of Jules’ FIT administration tooling is key to help mitigate errors and speed up administrative tasks. With JulesFIT, administration is swift, less prone to error and an unlimited number of contracts can be managed. JulesFIT offers, within a few clicks, a full overview of all FIT information, providing a better experience for FIT suppliers; FIT customers and Ofgem.

Together with the automated creation of supplier documents, JulesFIT is a full compliant stand-alone Platform, making FIT administration an easy job.

  • Fully automated administration software
  • Simple plug and play interfaces
  • Easy integration of customer data and installations
  • Two step- risk free- meter reading administration
  • Meter reading validation
  • Automatically generated, OFGEM compliant, levelisation reports

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