Cloud solutions to boost hazardous gas monitoring

25 November 2020

Cloud solutions to boost hazardous gas monitoring

A new report from Utility Week, in association with MSA Safety io explores how cloud technology can help utilities maintain real time updates direct from workers' wearable gas detection devices, improving safety and boosting efficiency in compliance.

Field personnel working in the energy and waters sectors encounter scenarios where there is the potential for harm to both themselves and assets from hazardous gasses on a daily basis.

With smart, wearable gas detection devices now a fundamental addition to worker PPE, this new Utility Week Explains report, created in association with MSA Safety io, explores how cloud-based technology can allow utilities to collate real time data from these devices, driving improvements in employee protection, asset management and compliance.

Download the report now to understand how cloud platforms can provide:

  • Automated compliance management
  • Incident prevention and management response
  • Active safety monitoring

The report also includes case studies showing how utility companies have benefitted by using Safety io technology, including a water utility which has been able to improve workers’ accountability for gas detection and reduce the amount of time spent managing detectors by 60 per cent.

 Download the full report