Utility Week Innovate is a new content hub – part of Utility Week but with a separate home and identity – focused entirely on innovation. It brings together a number of former brands, including WWT and Network, to create a pan-utility space for collaborative innovation. It has three channels – UW Innovate: WWT for water; UW Innovate: networks; and UW Innovate: energy – and wherever we can, we share learnings and ideas between the three. Each channels has its own dedicated newsletter you can sign up for by clicking the button below.

Utility Week Innovate is the content arm of Utility Week Live, our exhibition at the NEC each May, and together, they focus on frontline business challenges, and the innovation water companies, energy networks and energy companies are bringing to bear to solve those challenges. Click here to find out more about Utility Week Live.

We’re so committed to innovation that we’ve made Utility Week Innovate free to all for its launch period. If you’re not a member, you just need to register here to access all UW Innovate content. For all the in-depth news, analysis and market insight that sets the technical and operational expertise of UW Innovate in context, click here to find out more about Utility Week membership, or click here to check if your company is already a corporate member.


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