Utility Week Intelligence introduces ElectraLink

21 May 2024

Utility Week Intelligence introduces ElectraLink

Utility Week Intelligence meets ElectraLink, which operates the independent network and service that transfers data between energy companies in the UK electricity market.

Who are you?

For over 25 years, ElectraLink has operated the independent network and service that transfers data between energy companies in the UK electricity market. Alongside secretariat and advisory functions, our data provision and cloud-based data analysis solutions are contributing to projects in the energy market’s transition to a flexible, low-carbon future.

What do you do?

ElectraLink develops and deploys cloud-based networks, APIs, adaptors, platforms, programmes, and projects for a changing energy system. We unlock data, make it accessible, and advise how this data can be used to overcome sector-wide challenges.

Give us your elevator pitch.

ElectraLink puts data first, providing data-driven solutions that support innovation, improve the communication of technically complex data, improve connectivity, and drive positive change, resulting in increased customer success and unrivalled insight. Our customers include energy and utilities market participants, asset and property managers, the UK government, app developers, and brokers.

With net-zero status, two-star accreditation from Best Companies, gold-standard private healthcare and recently being named the Best Place to Work in Data, we are people-centric and encourage innovation and collaboration among employees. We recognise the sensational contributions of all employees, and work tirelessly to create an environment of excellence, trust, respect, and accountability.

This in turn creates an experienced, motivated, dedicated team that can undertake some of the energy industry’s most complex digital projects, especially when it comes to Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS). Our history running data transfer systems and keeping good relationships with suppliers, DNOs and other market players means we understand the energy system, transcend technological changes that push for better consumer outcomes, and can keep data flowing smoothly with cost efficiencies at all stages.

I want to know more. Where should I start?

If you would like to find out more about the MHHS programme and how to connect your systems to the Data Integration Platform, ElectraLink is ready to help. Get in touch with us at: [email protected] or message us via live chat on our website, www.electralink.co.uk

And download our MHHS white paper, too.