Utility Week Intelligence introduces ESG

13 May 2024

Utility Week Intelligence introduces ESG

Utility Week gets to know energy transition platform provider ESG, which processes millions of transactions per hour to make life simpler and more cost-effective for utilities.

Who are you? 

ESG is a data-driven energy expert with over 25 years of experience supporting major retailers, suppliers, and utilities worldwide to grow revenue, increase efficiency, and facilitate business innovation. We provide the broadest energy sector market and meter data management to deliver an energy transition platform that optimises the customer-to-cash process. We automate complex, time-consuming processes with an integrated suite of tools to reduce the cost to serve and increase efficiency through data and insights to get results that matter and drive better decision-making. We’re ISO9001/27001 certified.

What do you do and why should somebody work with you?

At ESG, we put the power of energy in your hands.

ESG manages over 40 million customer accounts worldwide, performing 2.5 million transactions per hour, 30 million transactions per day. Our powerful software platform is behind over 40% of all UK smart meters. Whether you’re looking for data analytics, market messaging, billing, or customer relationship management, we provide an end-to-end platform to help you increase your effectiveness across all areas.

What industry challenges are you solving?

Get ready for MHHS with ESG solutions.

MHHS will provide an avalanche of data on energy consumption patterns. ESG solutions will enable suppliers to use this data to make better energy forecasts, informing strategic decisions about when and how to purchase energy in the wholesale market. This translates to cost savings and a more competitive edge.

But the benefits extend beyond this. With granular customer data, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customer base, allowing you to reduce your cost to serve and develop targeted strategies. Suppliers can introduce time-of-use tariffs that incentivise efficient energy consumption – a win for both your customers and your bottom line. MHHS empowers you to segment your customer base more effectively, attracting and retaining customers with tailored offerings.

ESG doesn’t just provide the tools; we ensure suppliers are compliant with the evolving regulatory landscape. Through close collaboration with industry bodies, we guarantee your adherence to the Retail Energy Code, Smart Energy Code, and Balancing & Settlement Codes.

Want more information? Download ESG’s MHHS white paper now.